ConfigMgr - If you are trying unsuccessfully to delete the OfflineImageServicing folder then you will want to read this.

Last week I tried to incorporate some updates into our image. (Right-click the image -> Schedule Updates) Unfortunately the process failed (That’s a story for another post!) and left a temporary directory behind that had around 8Gb+ of files behind. This was space that I needed to claw back! The temporary directory used is the staging directory and can be found in the root drive of your CCM installation in a folder called: ConfigMgrOfflineImageServicing

When you try and manually delete this, you are presented with the following error: 1-1

If like me, you may have thought that taking ownership of the directory and sub-dirs will then enable you to delete it. Well then think again! Because you still can’t! Restarting the server will also not help.

CCM mounts a copy of the image temporarily in this directory, and using DISM I was able to clearly see that this was still mounted and in an error state with a status shown as invalid.

I ran the following command to see this info: dism /getMountedWimInfo


I then tried to un-mount it using the following command:

dism /unmount-wim /mountdir:c:\ConfigMgr_OfflineImageServicing\XXXXXX\ImageMountDir / commit

That failed:


I then thought I’d better look up the documentation for this command as it’s been a while since I’ve used it. I looked here, and found the answer:

dism /cleanup-wim

I’ll leave you to read the document for this command yourself. Suffice to say, it did the job! Disk space reclaimed!

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