If you want to know how I resolved SCCM error 0x8007001A when imaging with USMT then you will want to read this.

Our user support team encountered a new one today. They were in the process of imaging an XP computer to Windows 7 and it failed right near the beginning of the USMT task sequence action: ‘Running Action: Capture User State


To get to the bottom of it, I pressed F8 on the computer in question and copied the smsts.log file onto a usb stick which I then looked at in the Configuration Manager Trace Log tool. In there, highlighted nicely in red was the message:

USMT returned exit code (0x00000001a). Look USMT log file scanstate.log for detail error message.”


So I went back to the computer in question and then copied off scanstate.log. (The location of which could be found here: X:\WINDOWS\TEMP\SMSTSLog\scanstate.log) When I looked at this log, it showed a shed-load of error messages whilst trying to process a particular users profile.


The solution:

I booted the computer into Windows and manually backed up the user profile mentioned in the scanstate.log to usb storage and then deleted the profile from the computer.

I was then able to successfully image.

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