Episode 6 of The Secret Diary of a Network Administrator available from all good Podcast outlets! In this episode, among other things, I talk about why I hate ConfigMgr as well as a couple of strange Direct Access issues, and how I became the Master of Plaster!

When I was talking about Plaster on the podcast, I forgot to mention that there is a lot of XML editing - but don’t let that scare you off as it’s easy. Particularly if you watch this video and take notes: it’s only an hour long and by the end of it you will know if Plaster is something that will be of use to you or your team. The speaker in the Plaster video is excellent and you can find him on Twitter and Github: Dchristian3188 My plaster templates are here in my GitHub repo.

As usual, you can follow me on Twitter: @OzThe2 and check out anything on My GitHub account: https://github.com/OzThe2

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