Episode 1 of “The Secret Diary of a Network Administrator: SCCM & DFS Woes” is now available to listen to and is about the things I’ve been up to at work along with reviews of related books, software etc.

I plan on releasing the podcast on an irregular, regular basis. So may be every week, then every 2 weeks, perhaps a couple of months or more will go by. We’re all busy, right! But it will be done, and they will be short but sweet sound-bites - no need to commit an hour or two - just a few minutes long each.

In this episode I talk about a couple of ConfigMgr distribution point issues that I faced at work last week along with a strange DFS-r file replication issue.

I also have some guests lined up in the next few weeks who work at schools and colleges as well as a consultant who sees many unique issues and challenges on a daily basis.

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