I have a book out: ConfigMgr - An Administrator’s Guide to Deploying Applications using PowerShell

This isn’t a book on how to create applications within Config Mgr - it’s the actual how-to deployment of applications \ files etc. Brilliant stuff!

It’s available right now on Leanpub for the super low price of $19.99 - so grab it now!

Get the book here

You have nothing to lose - if you don’t feel that the book is of value to you or your organisation, simply use the Leanpub ‘no questions asked’, 2-clicks money back guarantee!

Feb 2020 Update As well as LeanPub, it is now available from Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble and a host of other places. Click the following universal link to see where else you can get it: https://books2read.com/u/b688My